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Unlock Your Business's Potential

Proven strategies to grow your businesses through psychology and communication.

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Meet Tony Palmer

I tend to be a very active person #ENTJ.

When I'm not working on a project, you can find me reading a book, smoking a cigar or trying something out of my comfort zone.

Self improvement books are my personal favorite, including How to Win Friends & Influence People, The Go Giver, and Atomic Habits.​

I discovered the world of marketing a little over 6 years ago and have been curious about it all ever since.


For me, marketing is like a science experiment. I come up with a hypothesis, test it out, and see the results. Each experiment shows me something new and allows me to optimize over time. I feel like a mad scientist almost.

Why Psychology, Communication and Strategy?


By understanding psychological principles, like cognitive biases, you can create more compelling marketing campaigns.


By understanding communication, with knowledge from books like How To Win Friends & Influence People, you can write more engaging copy.


Strategy is how everything comes together. It's how top marketers, sales people, and business owners continue to succeed over time.

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Tony's Core Values



Growing every day is the secret to life. There's a calculation that says if you improve a skill just 1% every day, you'll be more than 37X better after just one year. That's powerful.



Gratitude is the secret to getting through hard times. On my worst days, I'm calling Cousin Mark to ask what he's grateful for. Just hearing what he's grateful for is enough to get me feeling better.


Giving Value

The most rewarding things I've ever done all involve giving value. Helping others succeed has given me more fulfillment than any material item could ever.

What people are saying...

"...Tony gets deep into the psychology of marketing, which is something that I think most people don’t understand, including me..."

~ Sara M

"Tony @KickAds is an amazing person, he’s extremely passionate, and it shows in his demeanor, as well as his work... very insightful!"

~ Steve B

"KickAds is brilliant! Tony and Laurie are incredibly knowledgeable and really get to know each business to specifically cater to them and their needs."

~ Ariel A

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